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High Expectations

The evening stretches out before you, an unwritten page. Family, friends… it is you they are all coming to see. You look forward to a time of merriment around the table, to the warmth that emanates from togetherness: high expectations. Embrace life, feel the connection, and enjoy to the full.

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Blooming flower

Soft, natural shapes and colours, a serene tranquillity in your home. Almost imperceptibly intertwined with our thoughts and feelings, non-verbal communication. The symbolism of a flower, a blooming flower, across the centuries. The mystery of irresistible appeal.

Blooming Flower HR

Quiet comeback

The creation and experience of ultimate synergy - a shared identity. Take the time to reflect, to take stock, and to live up to your own potential. Quiet comeback - the longing for somewhere to retreat to, a home sweet home.

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Close harmony

A commitment for life, when souls are united, is something that is sometimes difficult to fathom. Close harmony provides warm shades, bringing them close together. Colourful individual pieces meld to become one well-balanced unit, creating a home that promotes well-being

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Thrilling link

Exciting combinations, authentic materials and natural colors, all in harmony with the occupants of the space, each of whom feels a connection to the others. The thrilling link: something you can’t see but that is there all the same. It’s all about salient encounters in an intimate setting that satisfy and inspire.

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Chill out

Making a virtue of necessity, making peace with the situation. Living more lightly and letting go in good time, seeking to redress the stress balance. Chill out, realise your potential and excel when it matters. A functional twist with the addition of a whimsical effect that works wonders.

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Sunshine reggae

As the days get longer, we yearn for outdoor living. The simple pleasures in life: enjoying the garden, the family, being at home. Relax and enjoy: sunshine reggae. Mañana, mañana: you are right here, right now. Recharging your batteries in a carefree way, ready for what tomorrow will bring.

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